Bingo Volunteer Description and Prompt Start Times

Monday Bingo is the school’s largest fundraiser and we need our families to help run this great program. The amount we fundraise through the bingo program depends on the number of participants. Your help is crucial to our program.

Volunteer duties are divided amongst 2 categories: 

3 Time Volunteers 

  • 3 Time Bingo volunteers sign up for the dates they want to help. Available dates are first come, first-served, so sign up quickly. (Those with an 8th-grade child please sign up for days that will happen before the 2022 graduation date.)
  • Once signed up, you are scheduled to help from 5:00pm to closing (Usually around 10:30 pm).
  • Responsibilities are selling pull tabs, counting money and pull tabs, cleaning/ wiping down tables, and throwing trash away.

Click Here to Sign Up: 3 Time Bingo Sign Up

Monthly Bingo Team Members

Team Bingo Members are assigned to one of four Bingo Teams and will help once every four weeks from 6:15 pm until closing (usually around 10:30 pm)

Crucial Positions to Fulfill Include:

  • Bingo Cashier: 4:45pm – 6:45pm every 2 weeks. Cashiers MUST be on-time.
  • Pull Tab Cashier: 4:45pm – 9:30pm every 4 weeks. Sells Pull Tabs from the Bingo Office and manages pull tab games that floor sellers are selling. Cashiers MUST be on-time.
  • Game Caller: 6:00pm – 10:30pm every 4 weeks. Operates the Bingo computer and announces the Bingo games and numbers

Other Positions Include:

  • Pull Tab Sellers: 6:00pm – Closing every 4 weeks. Selling pull tabs, counting money and pull tabs, cleaning/wiping down tables, throwing trash away.
  • Kitchen: 5:30pm – 9:45pm every 4 weeks. Making popcorn, serving water and popcorn to players, and ensuring coffee, hot water, sugar, tea, etc. is available throughout the night. Cleaning the popcorn machine, cleaning and wiping down kitchen counters, putting all supplies away and keeping inventory of supplies.
  • Verifier: 6:00pm – Closing every 4 weeks. Assists Bingo Director by verifying and handing out Bingo Game winnings and pull tab winnings to players.

To sign up for Regular Monthly Bingo, or if you have any questions, please email

Bingo Reminders:

  • Volunteers are responsible for finding a replacement in case they cannot make it.
    • Any individuals working hours on your behalf must sign-in and include your name for you to receive the credit.
  • There is one 15 minute break and it will be staggered to ensure that there is also help on the Bingo players area floor.
  • You may be asked to step into a different position if short staffed.
  • Cell phones are to be used on breaks and away from the bingo players area. Phones will need to always be on silent mode.