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Diocesan Requirements for the Safety of Our Students

The State of California and the Diocese of Orange have mandated that any individuals who have contact with students must meet certain requirements for the safety of our children. These requirements apply to all teachers and staff, as well as to all parents, relatives or others who volunteer at the school and have contact with children (e.g., lunch supervisors, field trip chaperones and drivers, those who help in classrooms, the library or the computer lab, and those who sell Scrip or help with any other activities on the school campus).

The following are the State of California and the Diocese of Orange mandated requirements for individuals who have contact with children:

1. The State of California and the Diocese of Orange have mandated that any individuals who have contact with students must be fingerprinted and cleared using a process called Live Scan. Fingerprinting will need to be done only once during your time at Blessed Sacrament School. However, it must be done through the Diocese of Orange, even though you may have been fingerprinted elsewhere, as privacy laws prohibit the sharing of information between agencies. Live Scan forms and information on where the fingerprinting can be done are available in the school office.

The school office MUST receive your fingerprinting clearance from the Diocese before you can participate in any capacity that involves contact with the children.

2. The Diocese requires completion of the Safe Environment training course once every 4 years. This course can be taken online at www.shieldthevulnerable.com. A Certificate of Completion can be printed from the website and must be turned in to the school office.

3. The Diocese also requires that individuals read the Diocese of Orange Sexual Misconduct Policy for Lay Employees and Volunteers, which can be found on the Shield the Vulnerable website referenced above. After completing the Safe Environment course, the Sexual Misconduct Policy can be found under the tab "Our Policies". The document can be saved to your computer or printed for you to read, and then a Receipt of Acknowledgement form can be printed. This form must be signed and submitted to the school office, along with the Safe Environment course Certificate of Completion.

Parents who choose not to complete the above steps will not be able to participate in a volunteer activity on campus and will need to choose some other area of service that does not involve contact with children.

Please contact our office if you have any questions on fingerprinting, Safe Environment Training, or the Diocese Handbook Against Sexual Misconduct.